Year 27

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27.1 - Famous Last Words, Part One - The Hook Brings You Back

Four years after the end of his last adventures, Admiral Andy Baxter finds himself at a crossroads. For him and his erstwhile crew, life has changed dramatically since the last time we saw them. But a chance encounter with a visitor who has a knack for listening sends Baxter on a journey he may not be ready for.

27.2 - Famous Last Words, Part Two - In the Hunt

Admiral Baxter sets off into the vastness of space again with a major mystery on his hands. To solve that mystery, he’ll have to face a few Klingons and one or two pesky challenges. Even with the help of his friends, that’s a pretty tall order. And he may find he’s not the only one looking for answers.

27.3 - Famous Last Words, Part Three - Gone Fishing

Admiral Baxter returns from Kronos to take it easy, hoping for a time of peace and reflection. Instead, a visitor reminds him that there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye. Will Baxter venture out into space again (again) and will he find out Harlan Baxter’s secrets? All that and a bizarre cooking demonstration are sure to have you saying - what?

27.4 - Famous Last Words, Part Four - Bait and Switch

The hunt is on as Baxter finds himself captured aboard the flagship of the insane ex-chef Gul Duvet. Will he and Airyn be rescued, and who will rescue them? And will they find the missing link to omnipotence? Does anyone need Space Insurance (and what is that anyway?) Would they all just be better off taking a beach vacation? Maybe, but probably not.

27.5 - Famous Last Words, Part Five - Hook, Line, and Sinker

The chase is on. Will Baxter find the source of human omnipotence before Section 31 and Gul Duvet do? Will he outwit a series of foes who are more…witted than he is? All will be revealed, or at least some of it, along with a family reunion. Of sorts!

27.6 - Famous Last Words, Part Six - Anchors Away

The crew reunites at a beach planet to get away from it all, and maybe learn a bit more about each other along the way. Fun, firefights, fathers, and famous last words all come together in the final story of this six-part run.