Year 5

5.1 - Always the Last to Know

The Explorer crew has been here for years. Four years, actually. One month after dear friends departed on the Aerostar-A, the crew tries to put the pieces back together. And, just to add insult to injury, Baxter’s parents, and Peterman’s, pop in, along with a Starfleet efficiency expert and some extremely angry genetically-engineered killing machines from another quadrant. Come find out why Captain Baxter is “Always the Last to Know.”

5.2 - If at First You Don't Succeed

Commander Richards and the Explorer crew are put to the ultimate test when they’re forced to track down and rescue Baxter, Peterman, and their in-laws, who must find a way to avoid being blasted by Jem’Hadar raiders. And what exactly is Admiral Baxter’s part in this? And Commander Vansen’s? What is being planned for the future of the Explorer, provided they get out of this mess?

5.3 - Time Flies Backwards When You're Having Fun

On their first mission in the Gamma Quadrant, Captain Baxter, Commander Richards and Lt. Commander J’hana find themselves on a planet where time is no longer a constant. Actually, it is a constant. It’s constantly moving backwards, at least as far as their age concerned. Can Lt. Commander Vansen save them, before J’hana goes through reverse puberty?

5.4 - The Trouble with Sadists

When the crew tries to get rid of some hazardous goo, they get more than they bargained for in the form of a blob with a personality and a hostile alien race who maneuvers through space by means of trees. Resurrecting a proud Vexed Generation tradition, Dan McNickle is back to make us chuckle and go “huh?”

5.5 - Nice Guys Finish Last

Throughout the long, drawn out Dominion war, Starfleet went up against some pretty vicious Jem’Hadar. When Richards, Browning, and Plato visit a far-flung Gamma Quadrant world, they come upon a new breed of Jem’Hadar. What they find is so horrifying…okay, who am I kidding. Actually, these Jem’Hadar are nice guys. But when the planet is attacked by a one-time Deep Space Nine guest star, will the pretty-boy Jem’Hadar have what it takes to defend the place, or will it be up to Richards to save their scales?

5.6 - All the World's a Stage

Counselor Peterman beams down with an away team to the mysterious world of Pelomius Five, where the residents all seem to be stuck living out their artistic dreams, controlled by some unseen entity. When the away team goes into a similar trance, Peterman will have to figure out how to snap them out of it on her own, and figure out who’s pulling the strings. When all the world’s a stage, who the heck is the director? And no, it’s not THAT kind of director.

5.7 - The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Is Captain Baxter cut out for parenthood? Counselor Peterman doesn’t seem to think so, as she puts him through an exhaustive holo-parenthood program. While he’s dealing with that, will Vansen and Richards manage to put their disagreements aside long enough to deal with an isolationist alien race with one humdinger of a security system?

5.8 - The Weakest Link

The Explorer runs into a new breed of Changeling on a far-flung Gamma Quadrant world, Jelo kidnaps one of the Explorer’s crew, and J’hana goes on a one-man, er one-woman, um, man-hunt, that is, Changeling-hunt, in an action-packed story that asks, just who is “The Weakest Link?”

5.9 - Crew, Interrupted

The interpersonal situation on the Explorer is nearing the boiling point, as the crew is assigned to diplomatic duty on a Dominion member-world. Will they be able to put their differences aside, or will their petty arguements scuttle the mission? You know the Explorer crew. You tell me.

5.10 - Walk Like a God

So what’s been going on with Mirk lately, you might ask? Well, in addition to being betrothed, whatever that means, Mirk’s being tracked by a fellow godlike being. Irma, you ask? Thank gods no. This goddess is much cuter, and seems to actually be on Mirk’s side. Or is she? Find out as Mirk is forced to make a choice between his crew and godhood…again.

5.11 - Back and Forth

Every member of the Explorer crew has had their share of difficulties with time travel, except for one. Now, Lt. Commander Nell Vansen must face time travel shenanigans of her own, again and again, as she is rocketed forward and backward through time. Will she be able to figure out how to stop the time…hiccup…or will she be forever doomed to travel “Back and Forth?”

5.12 - When Changelings Attack

Remember those “nice” Jem’Hadar? Well, what happens when those guys run into some not-nice undomesticated changelings on a distant Dominion world? And what happens when they come across a lost and EXTREMELY ticked Explorer crewmember? And what happens when someone on the Explorer decides it might be nice to blow the ship up? Can this all possibly be contained in one story? Maybe! Find out, “When Changelings Attack.”

5.13 - Do You Deliver?

Counselor Peterman’s been carrying Captain Baxter’s…um, love seed for quite some time. So when is she finally going to make with the screaming and birthing and all that other blessed event type stuff? Well, if it isn’t in this story then this blurb really sucks.

5.14 - Change in Plans, Part One

It’s all been building up to this. Captain Baxter takes the day off to take care of the new baby. Someone’s trashed Counselor Peterman’s office. Richards and Vansen are jockeying for authority. Rebel changelings are set to take over the Dominion. The Explorer’s targeted for destruction. And one lone chef has to rise above it all. Find out how it culinates, er, culminates!

5.15 - Change in Plans, Part Two

Following the events of “Part One,” Captains Baxter and Dwanok must join forces to prevent a rebel insurgence in the Dominion, Vansen must deal with a particularly bulky skeleton from her closet, and a meek little Jem’Hadar must prove he has the right stuff. If this ain’t season finale fodder, I don’t know what is!