Year 6

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6.1 - On Your Marks...

Welcome back to the fold, Explorer! The crew finds out all is not as it once was in the Alpha Quadrant as they get back to business as usual and realize they have new problems to worry about. For starters, Captain Baxter and Counselor Peterman must contend with being parents, Mirk and Hartley must plan their upcoming wedding, Baxter must deal with a visit from Federation President Bradley Dillon, and the crew must endeavor to save the newest, most incompetent addition to the Explorer Project family: The crew of the U.S.S. Tracker.

6.2 - Sto'Vo'Kor Can Wait

Over the last five years, we’ve never seen Lt. J’hana completely unleashed. But when the Klingons threaten to euthanize the comotose Captain Dwanok, her temper flares and she becomes a one-woman killing machine that will stop at nothing to protect her lover. Parents, don’t let your kiddies read this one! It’s bound to get nasty.

6.3 - Whom Gods Betroth

Mirk and Hartley have been waiting over a year to get married. Careful planning has gone into making sure the day goes off without a hitch. Of course, wouldn’t you just know, there are some forces at work that will ensure everything does not go smoothly.

6.4 - Bast Intentions

It’s time to get this search in gear. Who are the Bast? Why does Bradley Dillon want to find them so bad? Will he ever find them? Will Commander Richards ever get a date? And what does kickboxing have to do with anything?

6.5 - Shadow Presidency

President Bradley Dillon has not been the most popular guy on the Explorer since he sent it on what seems to be a wild goose chase for the Bast. But what are his real objectives? What’s this guy all about? Find out a little bit more about President Dillon and how he spends a typical day, as some unknown force works to foil his plans and he has dinner.

6.6 - Battle of Orleans

Lt. Commander Vansen makes no secret of the fact that she hates the U.S.S. Explorer and her crew. So it should come as no surprise that, when an opening for captain comes up aboard another starship, she’s eager to take advantage of it. But it might be a surprise that she has to fight Commander Emily Sullivan, formerly of the Secondprize, for the job. Whose sarcasm will pay off in the end? Aren’t you just dying to find out?

6.7 - Good as Gold

Charlie the golden retriever has been a loyal and funloving pet for Counselor Peterman and the Explorer crew for more than five years. But what happens when his life is endangered by a deadly radiation that surrounds the ship. Can the crew band together to save their beloved pet, or will Counselor Peterman find herself making the ultimate sacrifice? Find out in this (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) very special episode.

6.8 - Vive Le Resistance

When a suspicious Frenchman comes aboard the Explorer with two poodles who seem pampered to the point of abuse, Counselor Peterman takes it upon herself to get to the root of the problem. In doing so, she just may jeapardize her career and her marraige. Is this visitor actually a threat to the Explorer, or is Counselor Peterman totally nuts? Or is it both?

6.9 - Heartburn

Dr. Browning has her eye on a certain someone on the Explorer. Having not been the luckiest in love over the last few years, is this Janice Browning’s chance to truly find love? Or will forces conspire to muck up her first shot in a long time at building a solid relationship? And what does pet psychology have to do with anything?

6.10 - To Protect and Sever

There’s someone out to kill President Bradley Dillon. Yes, of course you’ve heard that before, but this time, the whole Explorer may just be the target. Can J’hana figure out how to stop this insane person from carrying out his/her evil plan(s) before it’s too late, or is everyone basically screwed?

6.11 - Maintenance Cycle

The Explorer’s undergone some wear and tear during this mission to find the Bast. So it’s only natural they have to take a little bit of a pit stop to lick their wounds. What isn’t natural is that, while Lt. Commander Hartley has to work on repairing the ship, she’s also got to deal with the emotional problems of the whole crew. What’s up with that? Shouldn’t they be going somewhere else with their problems, instead of driving Hartley crazy? Apparently not!

6.12 - Penny for Your Thoughts

Is something wrong with Lt. Commander Tilleran’s telepathy? And, if so, is it a nice little “we’re passing through a strange part of space” problems, or is there something more seriously wrong going on here? Tilleran is bound to find out, and her revelation might just be shocking. Warner Books asks you not to reveal the ending of this story.

6.13 - Wild Cat Chase

Counselor Peterman’s crazy kitty has gotten lose again. Will the Explorer crew ever be able to overcome the furry feline’s hilarious hijinks? Let’s hope so. The fate of the galaxy may depend on it! And that’s flufftastically funny!

6.14 - Bast Intentions

This is it. The crew of the Explorer comes face to face with the Bast. Sort of. Are they ready for this meeting of the minds? What is Bradley Dillon’s plan, and how do the Bast fit into it? Has everyone been honest with each other, and if not, who’s keeping secrets from who? The answers may surprise you. Then again, they may not.

6.15 - Unfinished Business

Did everything get settled in Bast Intentions? One would think not, because there’s still one story to go. Despite the events in the previous story, there still remains much unfinished for many of the Explorer crew. Find out the ultimate goal of Federation President Bradley Dillon, and so much more, in the Year Six Finale!