Year 7

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7.1 - Living in the Past, Part One - Life in the Past

Stuck in the 21st century due to a plan masterminded by Federation President Bradley Dillon, Captain Baxter, Counselor Peterman, Doctor Browning and Lt. Commander Richards much find a way to get out of their predicament without destroying the timeline or cluing anybody on Earth to their presence. And they have to do it without a single piece of 24th century technology. Hardly seems fair, does it? Well, they find out life’s not fair when you’re “Living in the Past (Part One).”

7.2 - Living in the Past, Part Two - Missing Pieces

Still reeling from the news received at the end of Part One, the crew must race to assemble a time machine from some spare parts in order to get back to their rightful century. But it may surprise you where they go to find those parts. Let’s just say they dip into their past…(sorry, had to do it)

7.3 - Living in the Past, Part Three - Present Tension

Looks like the plans are really coming together for Bradley Dillon. He’s coming that much closer to the person he’s risked everything to find. But what he finds may not be exactly what he expected. Meanwhile, emotions are running high for the Earthbound Explorer crew. Will they be able to stand each other long enough to survive this?

7.4 - Living in the Past, Part Four - Miles to Go...

It’s all been leading to this. The group from the Explorer converges in New Mexico for what may be a last stand versus an old enemy, and an old friend. Will anything be the same after this? Including the timeline, and everyone’s self esteem?

7.5 - Living in the Past, Part Five - Now or Never

And you thought it couldn’t get MORE complicated? Worlds collide in the past when two bitter rivals face off while a marraige and several friendships hang in the balance, not to mention the whole darn future itself! All the cards are on the table in the final story of the “Living in the Past” arc!

7.6 - When the Music Stops

When Baxter and company return to the 24th Century, there are more than a few…messes to clean up. Are they ready to re-integrate into the future…er, present? Or will they find that they don’t know where they’re sitting…when the music stops?

7.7 - Parents Just Don't Understand

The adjustment period continues, as our displaced crewmembers come to terms with being back in the present, and they face a battle on two fronts. The U.S.S. Aerostar deals with some ticked-off Cardassians, Richards discovers, to his horror, what Larkin has been up to in his absence, and the Explorer faces a full-scale conflict with the Gorn, while Doctor Browning tries to make up for lost time with Plato. Parenting (and interstellar diplomacy) never seemed so tough.

7.8 - Station Keeping

Counselor Peterman thinks a visit to Waystation is just what she needs to clear her head and get her affairs in order. What she finds, though, is that she’s not the only one who needs help. Will Peterman be able to help President Dillon work through his emotional problems in time, and will she be able to work through her own?

7.9 - First Impressions

Can Captain Baxter play second fiddle to Captain Vansen? A vital First Contact mission puts that question to the test, as Baxter finds himself in the position of rescuing an away team. Or is it he who needs the rescuing? Only time will tell, as Baxter and crew learn that “First Impressions” are important.

7.10 - For Eyes Only

Something has happened to the Directors, and Mirk is determined to figure out what. With the help of Lt. Commander Hartley, Mirk sets out on a journey to the Bermuda Expanse, to find out once and for all what happened to the elusive all-knowing eyeballs. But what he finds may bring up more questions than there are answers. Then again, you weren’t expecting a neat and tidy resoultion, were you?

7.11 - More Today than Yesterday

Counselor Peterman is finally returning to the Explorer. All she has to do is get there. That may be easier said than done, though, with Predator-in-Cheif Harth waiting in the wings. Can Captain Baxter rescue Peterman from Harth’s clutches, and will he have to defy Vansen and the crew of the Explorer to do so?

7.12 - Tightrope

During the rollercoaster ride of recent weeks, Doctor Browning has managed to keep a low profile. But when the Explorer passes close to a planet visited by the Breen Circus, Browning is faced with the opportunity to reunite with Commander Chris Richards. But to do that, she first must attend the Breen Circus. Having never visited a Breen circus before, this author wonders aloud just what the heck that might be like. Meanwhile, Captain Baxter has a heap of legal troubles to deal with, and finds help in the place he least expects.

7.13 - Valuable Properties

Ahh, Spring on Betazed. A time when young Betazoids turn to thoughts of love. Until Lt. Commander Ariel Tilleran and Lieutenant J’hana visit, however. There’s something fishy about the Real Estate business on Betazed, an Tilleran and J’hana must visit the sweaty depths of the Betazoid housing market, and confront someone Tilleran would just as soon not deal with, to find answers. If that weren’t bad enough, it’s high time Tilleran introduced J’hana to her family. That should go well.

7.14 - Backtracking

The last several months haven’t been easy on Andy Baxter. True, he’s managed to patch up his marriage, and retake command of the Explorer, but there’s still a matter of a missing father, and mounting evidence that someone wants to capture him. Now that he knows that it’s the Orions, what’s he to do with that information? What anyone else would do, of course. That’s right, it’s time for a flashback to Starfleet Academy. Confused? Wait till you read the story!

7.15 - Sidetracked

Now that the true nature of Captain Anna Kimmel is known, will the Explorer crew be able to rescue her before Potsran can get to her? And will Captain Baxter be able to escape from the Orion Frigate? How does Alvin Ficker figure in? Where’s the beef? Answers to all these questions, except that last one, as our fearless crew gets “Sidetracked.”

7.16 - Track and Flee

Everybody’s in a compromising situation as the Explorer races to save the Tracker from an imminent crash into a planet, while Anna Kimmel vents her frustrations at Alvin Ficker. Will anybody get out of this thing in one piece, or would it just be better to “Track and Flee”?

7.17 - Take a Number

Counselor Peterman’s days are quite busy now that the crew is on a mission to save the Universe. That tends to weigh heavily on folks’ minds, and the Explorer crew had enough neuroses to deal with beforehand anyway. And as if the crew didn’t have enough to worry about, wait till they see who’s….tracking them. If you want a piece of the Explorer crew, you’d better “Take a Number.”

7.18 - Sleight of Hand

The Orleans is closing on the Explorer. The Explorer is closing on Maura Drake. And, if that weren’t enough, the Directors are back, and have a very important mission for Mirk. But is Mirk strong enough to carry it out, and possibly betray every member of the Explorer crew? Find out, in “Sleight of Hand.”

7.19 - Southern Charm

The Explorer continues along on its mission to find the nature of Anna Kimmel’s powers, while Lt. Commander Hartley searches exhaustively for a certain missing bartender. Problem is, Mirk ends up in a place he just may not want to leave. Will Hartley be able to convince her husband that “Southern Charm” isn’t exactly what it’s cracked up to be?

7.20 - Managing Change

Sure, Universal Armageddon is staring the Explorer crew right in the face. Powers that they don’t understand and can’t hope to control are conspiring against them. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have a wedding if they want! Just when things seem bleakest, it’s time for a good old fashioned hitchin’. It has been a year since the last one, hasn’t it? But when Dr. Browning proposes to Commander Richards, is he ready to commit? And what does Plato have to say about all this? And who shows up to crash the party, (because you just knew SOMEONE would)?

7.21 - Powers that Be, Part One

Time has run out for Baxter and company, as the Orions bear down on them and the crew prepares to defend the Explorer and prevent Kimmel from falling into the Orions greedy green hands. Will they be able to fight off Potsran and Harth? Meanwhile, what’s going on with Dr. Browning? What news does Tilleran have for J’hana and how will she take it? Why does Chaka’kan feel like he’s not going to like what Baxter asks of him? Answers to all these questions and more as we begin the beginning of the…uh…end of Year Seven.

7.22 - Powers that Be, Part Two

The Explorer is safe, for about a split second, when someone goes and turns godlike, threatening the entire Universe with a rip in space-time. What does a rip in space-time look like? And what does it mean for the Explorer crew? And is caulking compound involved? Let’s hope so!

7.23 - Return to Orbit

But wait, there’s more! As this long journey comes to an end, Baxter spends some quality time with his father and sister. But is everything really over? Who’s still after Kimmel? And what ever happened to Alvin Ficker? Look for answers to these questions, and the tying up of many a loose end in the Year Seven finale, “Return to Orbit”.