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1 - Star Traks 5 - In the Way-Station

A run-in with a not-so-friendly alien race (They never are) leads to big changes for the Secondprize crew. Determined to protect Federation space from this new enemy, Starfleet hastily constructs a new outpost to watch over things and transfers members of the Secondprize crew to man it. Really, too much goes on to describe in a little space like this. Just read it.

2 - House Arrest

Security Chief Sean Russell has a problem: supplies are disappearing all over the station, and he can’t stop it. The disappearing equipment is only the beginning, though. Soon, the crew starts vanishing as well. What the heck’s going on? Who’s responsible? Can Russell stop them? Does he want to? Can you get a sunburn on a holodeck? Find out most of the answers in House Arrest.

3 - Send the Marines

With colonization starting in earnest around Waystation, the Federation sends the rest of Colonel Lazlo’s battallion. Now, the battle of wills between Commander Beck and Lazlo is more heated than ever. But Lazlo’s about to make a move that will put his marines up against one of the most fearsome species the Federation has ever encountered. They’re vicious, unstoppable, and gosh darn cute!

4 - This Is Only a Test

Leximas never asked to come to Waystation. And she certainly never asked to be regarded as some kind of guru. The final indignity comes when she attracts a group of followers…rabid, unceasingly devoted (bordering on psychotic) followers. Just how far will the Poster Child of Inner Peace go to reclaim her solitary existence?

5 - Field Trip

Feeling a bit stir crazy, Commander Beck heads out on what’s supposed to be a routine scouting mission. Someone should have told the Multeks.

6 - Win or Else!

During his vacation on the scenic Klingon homeworld of Quonos, Lieutenant Russell gets a chance to be a contestant on a Klingon game show. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity…most of the contestants don’t live to come back for another appearance.

7 - Close to Home

The crew of Waystation must rescue Yeoman Jones from a parallel universe controlled by the Federation of Fun. Sure, being happy all the time sounds great at first, but wait until you see the consequences for disobedience. Guest Written by Anthony Butler.

8 - That Sinking Feeling

Here it is! The first Waystation novel (well, novella really, but why quibble?). A figure from Leximas’ past comes for revenge, and this time she’s brought along the power of the Q. In short order, the crew of Waystation are fighting for their lives, their station, and, in the case of Commander Beck, her very soul. Can the crew figure out some way to stop a demi-god? Will Bradley Dillon’s holodeck fantasies get him killed? Is Beck willing to leave Starfleet for a higher level of existence? Will Colonel Lazlo ever stop being a weaselly slimeball? Is Lieutenant Russell the only one who can sort this mess out?