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34 - Moonlight Sonata

Waystation’s command crew is exhausted and practically falling down on the job. Is Starfleet really working them that hard? Or is there another reason for their constant sleepy state?

35 - Prime of Your Life

After a long day of repair work around the station, Lieutenant Commander Porter decides to try to get away from it all and ends up going a lot farther than he ever planned.

37 - Trick or Treaty

Captain Lisa Beck and her crew were none too happy at the naming of Bradley Dillon as President of the Federation. But when Romulans show up at Waystation making peace overtures, Beck soon wonders if things may get a whole lot worse.

38 - Collectibles - Part One

The first Multek mission sent to see what, if anything, is actually outside the Multek Enclave has disappeared, and Frequoq Wuddle needs Waystation’s help to find his missing people.

39 - Collectibles - Part Two

Morales, Nelson, and Frequoq Wuddle managed to find out what happened to the missing Multeks. Now who’s going to find them?

40 - Hail to the Chief

It’s Beck vs. Bradley Dillon in a battle to the finish to settle once and for all who is the ultimate authority on Waystation!

41 - 9/10ths of the Law

Lt. Cmdr Russell’s vacation is cut short as he finds himself embroiled in an unwelcome mystery. Meanwhile, Dr. Nelson receives some even more unwelcome guests.

43 - Free For All

To avoid spoiling anything, I will omit any words that I feel give too much away about this story. When (omit)(omit)(omit) the (omit) (omit), it’s (omit) (omit) (omit) (omit) llama. Um…okay. Forget the llama part. There’s no llama.

44 - Disintegration

The situation is rapidly getting out of hand as the crew of Waystation prepares to make a stand. Hey! That rhymed! And my professors all said I stunk at poetry. Guess I showed them. Ha!

45 - Collect Call

It’s time to take the battle to the enemy as Captain Beck sets out on a mission to track down the Collectors.