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46 - Neighborly Advice

It’s been three months since anyone has seen the Multeks. Have they taken Captain Beck’s advice to heart, or is something more sinister afoot? Do the Multeks even know the meaning of the word sinister?

47 - Words From On High

A bolt from above is heading right in Captain Beck’s direction…‘above’ meaning Starfleet, of course. Meanwhile, a mysterious alien race has designs of their own on our fair captain.

48 - What About Baughb?

Three years ago, the Andorian waiter, Baughb, was exiled from Waystation. Now he’s returned. Will his former employer, Ih’mad, welcome him back with open arms? Or serve him as the evening special?

49 - Just for Show

Lt. Cmdr. Sean Russell learned a long time ago to stay away from Klingon game shows. Now he has no choice but to go back into the belly of the targ. Otherwise, someone else may learn that the Grand Prize is an assassination.

50 - Romulans on the Edge

Everybody sing along! ‘Who are the Romulans in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood. In your neigh-bor-hood!’ Actually Wuddle doesn’t want to know. He just wants them to leave.

52 - Mid-Way

Strange things are afoot on Deck 50. This is exactly the type of case that calls for the talents of Starfleet Intelligence Agents Samantha Dallas and Batyn…but this isn’t their series, so we’re sending in Yeoman Tina Jones instead. This should go well.

53 - The Rules of Relativity

Sometimes the simplest of requests can lead to the biggest problems. Today’s requests involve a package and a dinner. The aftermath will fill the Infirmary and send ripple effects all the way to Earth.

54 - Dress Rehearsal

The Multek Enclave is getting close to the big day, so, in order to ensure that everything is in…um…order, they’ve decided to give some of the Waystation officers a little test drive.

55 - From This Day Forward

It’s the big day in the Multek Enclave. There will be a wedding, the Grand Opening, and maybe even an invasion! Err…who scheduled that last part?