A long time ago, there was a Star Traks Wiki, which contributors spent HOURS adding entries to. A slightly less long time ago (but still longer ago than I’d care to admit), the wiki went offline due to horrible mismanagement by the Management. Ok. I didn’t back it up when I should have, and the database corrupted. Happy?!?

Reviving the dead wiki has been a dream of mine for a long while. I did have an older backup, but I wasn’t sure it was good. But our resident technical guru (and architect of the redesigned Nexus) Brendan focused his skills on the problem, and now it’s back!


You can find the link in the Traks Info dropdown.

As with most wikis, it’s a work in progress and woefully incomplete in some areas. I’ll be adding new entries, starting with TOSsed related ones, as I have time.

And if you’d like to contribute, let us know!